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image Thursdays: March 15, 22, and 29, 2018
    Who: Renesan Institute for Lifelong Learning
    Instructor: Nancy R. Bartlit, HIS S18-04 New Mexico’s Unique Roles in World War II

    Description: After the Empire of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, New Mexico played unique and important roles in helping America end the war in the Pacific. New Mexico National Guard soldiers defending an air base in the Philippines were surrounded and, as prisoners of war, were marched without food and water for a week on the grueling Bataan Death March.
    Navajo Marine privates, who invented an unbreakable code (which you will learn), were indispensable in capturing Pacific Islands from Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima, providing air bases ever closer to Japan.
      In New Mexico, more than 4,000 Japanese male immigrants were interned in Santa Fe as “enemy aliens” while their offspring, US citizens, fought in Europe or served as translators in the Pacific.
      Physicists, engineers, and Army and Navy personnel secretly ordered to Los Alamos arrived at the Lamy railroad station and checked in at 109 East Palace Avenue. They successfully directed the best-kept secret of WWII. A weapon design was tested at a remote area near White Sands, leading to the dropping of two atomic bombs.
      Was the second atomic bomb drop necessary? Why did Japan wrestle for days with its own history before surrendering? How are these various events intertwined?

Nancy R. Bartlit is a historian, published coauthor, and lecturer on New Mexico’s participation during WWII. She taught in Japan after graduating from Smith College, and has lived in Los Alamos for 55 years. She received her MA in International Communication from UNM, and traveled to many WWII Pacific military, internment camp, and nuclear research sites. The Historical Society of New Mexico and the New Mexico Humanities Council sponsor her. An updated edition of Nancy’s book, Silent Voices of World War II, soon will be issued by Pajarito Press LLC.

    Each Thursday:
        3:15 to 5:15 p.m.

        Renesan Institute for Lifelong Learning

        St. John's United Methodist Church
        1200 Old Pecos Trail
        Santa Fe, NM 87505
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